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Dr. Uwe Leuschner
Maria Tsiatsi

Manfred v. Richthofen Str.4
(Platz der Luftbrücke)
12101 Berlin
Tel.: 030 - 785 50 88
Fax: 030 - 785 58 62

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Following services are offered in our clinic/We offer the following services in our clinic:

3D X-Ray
Here we will present your jaw three-dimensionally and clarify whether you are suitable for implant treatment, if any of your teeth are infected, how advanced periodontitis is and to what extent your teeth can be included in prosthetic care in the future. It will also be easier to picture roots three-dimensionally before root channel treatments and to discover any hidden channels.

Dental prosthesis
Nowadays it is possible for us to make your dental prosthesis metal-free in almost all cases. This is of great interest to people with allergies and metal sensitivities.
Digital impression by scanner
Do you know the unpleasant feeling when a dental cast/impression of your teeth is taken? Thanks to innovative technology you do not have to endure this procedure any longer. We scan your teeth with the Trios 3 Shape and therefore do not need to use the impression tray in your mouth anymore.

Prophylaxis treatment for statutory insured patients for 95,00 € and in RECALL 70,00 €.

Power-Bleaching with ZOOM_Bleach System (for one session only) 350,00 €.
Home-Bleaching with whitening tray per half of jaw 175,00 €.

Veneers for 650,00 €
Dental implants
We use proven implants from Ankylos & Camlog. Due to our great experiences we give you a healing guarantee. Should there be any complication with the implant not healing, we will not charge you or we will proceed a second intervention for free!

We reconstruct lost bones with bone replacement material (Bio.Oss / Cerasorb) or enamel matrix proteins (Emdogain).


TRIOS 3 Shape